10 decidedly odd things about Michael Gove

Michael Gove (who, I must emphasise for US and Canadian readers, is actually in charge of UKEnglish state education and is not just a comedy character like Boris Johnson the so-called “Mayor” of London) is a cause of great concern to many working in UK education. His policy misjudgements and general lack of understanding are well chronicled, most recently in this excellent post at ReeseRants. But he is equally notable for the huge range of unlikely, unwise or just plain odd stories about him. So here is a primer, complete with animated gifs.

1. With the unprecedented drop in GCSE “A” grades this August, Michael Gove is the only Education Secretary in history to preside over a decline in GCSE exam performance.
2. As a former The Times of London (owned by NewsCorp) leader writer, Gove has a book contract from HarperCollins (a NewsCorp subsiduary) for a political biography of the first Viscount Bolingbroke. He’s had it since 2006, along with an undisclosed advance, and still hasn’t delivered.
3. Almost immediately after becoming Education Secretary, Gove held a meeting with educational technology enthusiast and NewsCorp chair Rupert Murdoch. Five days later, Gove closed BECTA – the UK schools technology specialists who regulated the schools technology market.
4.  To avoid the hassle of responding to Freedom of Information requests, Gove discusses policy with advisors using a private email address under the name of Mrs Blurt.
5. His wife (and a Times columnist/NewsCorp employee) Sarah Vine, once wrote a piece detailing how to be a perfect housewife. It included this sage advice: ““As to sex, you’ll soon be down to doing it once a month while the children are at Granny’s, so really he should get accustomed to the idea now.
6. He once employed one Rebecca Wolf as a political aide. So impressed was she by the Charter Schools movement during a trip to the US, she founded a New Schools Network in the UK. This network was then – directly, without tender – awarded a contract to support the development of “Free Schools” in the UK. Similar organisations in the US (StudentsFirst, Education Reform Now) are funded by NewsCorp.
7. Joel Klein, former New York Schools chief and now head of NewsCorp’s new education division, describes Gove as a “hero“.
8. As former member of the National Union of Journalists, he participated in a lengthy strike in support of union recognition.
9. Lucky old Michael is a millionaire, like many of his cabinet colleagues. As both he and his wife worked (and continue to work) in high profile journalistic jobs for News International, it can only be assumed that it is another thing for which he can thank his friends at NewsCorp.
10. Gove appeared alongside Christopher Lee in the little-known 1995 low-budget British public school comedy “A Feast at Midnight”. He played the part of a school chaplain (the picture at the top of this list is him). Interestingly, the “hero” of the film rejoiced in the name “Magnus Gove”.
11. Bonus GoveLOLs – Gove fell on his arse in front of an appreciative camera crew from Rupert Murdoch’s Sky TV.

16 thoughts on “10 decidedly odd things about Michael Gove”

  1. Thanks David – but the’s not in charge in the whole of the UK – Scotland has its own education secretary and is taking quite a different approach than the rest of the UK .

  2. Thanks Sheila – quite true. The Scottish Education Secretary is Michael Russell. He’s not quite as egregious as Gove, but once did describe Glasgow thusly: “Pull over and stop the car (if you dare) and walk into the closes smelling of urine and rubbish, cluttered with dirt and debris.It is not uncommon to have to step over a comatose body, with or without a needle by its side.”.

    Which is totally unfair, as some parts of Glasgow smell of urine, rubbish and vomit. 🙂

  3. We regularly have the debate in Wales about which (whom) is the lesser of two evils: Michael Gove or Leighton Andrews?

  4. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and process this stuff. Some of us (me) are only just finding out about all of this properly leading up to the referendum, as you know. All this helps me a great deal.

    May be you need a series of these with the history of the other contenders? Including the labour ones? The history of Boris Johnson you raised on Twitter absolutely shocked me: He was fired from at least 2 jobs for lying, he plotted to attack somebody who did not share his views of the world…his history is appalling and I cannot believe that he is still in public life…more worryingly, people around me are totally ignorant of this history – they are surprised when I tell them.

    …and why have I not heard on the news any of this stuff? I keep looking for the kind of analysis and research you kindly do for us on some news outlet…in vain.

    Worrying times. Thank you for helping me learn about the history that brought us to this chaos. You cannot make it up.

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