Thank you so much for taking the time to read and process this stuff. Some of us (me) are only just finding out about all of this properly leading up to the referendum, as you know. All this helps me a great deal.

May be you need a series of these with the history of the other contenders? Including the labour ones? The history of Boris Johnson you raised on Twitter absolutely shocked me: He was fired from at least 2 jobs for lying, he plotted to attack somebody who did not share his views of the world…his history is appalling and I cannot believe that he is still in public life…more worryingly, people around me are totally ignorant of this history – they are surprised when I tell them.

…and why have I not heard on the news any of this stuff? I keep looking for the kind of analysis and research you kindly do for us on some news outlet…in vain.

Worrying times. Thank you for helping me learn about the history that brought us to this chaos. You cannot make it up.