__Nice work, David, a well articulated account and excellent sources, particularly the Trademark Journal OpenED page. __There are several people who have Design Leadership responsibility and influence in the Open / BCcampus community – David Wiley, David Porter, Mary Burgess, Clint Lalonde, and an OER Cohort including Scott Leslie, Brian Lamb, David Kernohan, Alan Levine, Alec Couros, Mike Caulfield, Martin Weller __ So, for these folks, here are three PDF documents containing legal information relating to trademarking. Source: Association of Registered Graphic Designers (RGD) RGD’s mandate is to raise professional standards and promote best practices throughout the graphic design industry. __ http://www.rgd.ca/resources/articles/news_post/460.php _
My take is: Michelle Fach has a professional visual identity and communications plan for their services at Open Learning and Educational Support and has invested in creating & registering a distinctive wordmark for OpenED Open Learning and Educational Support. __David Wiley’s issue is ownership “Guelph is proactively reaching out to people to demand that they stop using the mark because they “own it.”__ Actually, in reaching out, UoG offered formal permission to continue using the BCcampus Open Ed design. __ The meaning of Open Education is evolving in terms of BCcampus services/activities – I expect the current design will evolve too.