Followers of the Apocalypse Radio vol. 3

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Here’s the gen on the latest Followers of the Apocalypse radio show on #ds106radio

If anyone is wondering what kind of music this is, the straight answer is “I dunno”. I say “drums & bass” but that is a fragmented genre that is pretty much meaningless. I’m no expert, but I think what I’m playing in this set is a mixture of old school D&B, darkcore, darkstep, EBM and industrial.

If you want to hear this kind of music done properly, check out DJ Lee Chaos at chaos approved. He’s an astonishingly good west-of-the-uk based DJ playing pretty much this kind of music. I love his stuff.
Full tracklist and on-demand listening for the Followers of the Apocalypse mix #3 on Mixcloud

Helen Beetham speaking on “Digital Literacy and the role of the University” at Greenwich University, November 2010

In Our Time on BBC Radio 4 – “The Medieval University“, with Melvyn Bragg, Miri Rubin, Ian Wei and Peter Denley, March 2011

Jim Groom speaking at the City University of New York, “Going Loony at CUNY“, February 2011. 

In-game audio from the Fallout series of games.

Sample from “Terminator: Salvation

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