Gove/Klein/Murdoch II: How they are related


As a follow-up to what I think is one of the most popular posts here, I’ve been reading and logging other curious correspondences and coincidences between NewsCorp, conservative ministers, and the compulsory education systems of the US and the UK. And blimey, it’s a bit complicated. I started drawing things together on XMIND, and thought I should share what I did to avoid anyone else wasting an evening doing so.

What disturbs me most – NewsCorp directly funding, and Joel Klein leading, two “grass roots” organisations (StudentsFirst and Education Reform Now) that are very similar in remit to the New Schools Network, who are somewhat cagey about the source of their non-government funding.

Yes – it looks a bit like it should be created using post-its and pictures torn from magazines in a dilapidated basement flat. But I’m no conspiracy theorist – this is all sourced and hopefully one day soon I’ll dump a bundle of links on this post (shout if you need a particular source, I’ll prioritise). And it is a great big PNG that you have to download full size and zoom in to in order to read it – any suggestions for ways I can do this as a proper infograpic with live links would be great.

Have fun now.

Available under CC-BY-SA. As far as any opinions are expressed in this post, they are mine only.

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