Another monster post, you treat the Followers well. I’ve been immersed in the issue of Canadian copyright and payment for authors lately (not so much academic authors, but others) due to a conflict between some universities (including mine) and a copyright collective. It’s raised a dizzying set of divergent impulses for me. “It’s going to be a wholesale reorganisation of our cultural concepts. And academia should seriously be at the cutting edge of that.” Hell yeah. But I really don’t know if we are up for that… Had a long conversation with a reformist copyright lawyer yesterday, and somewhere we hacked out to a vision of a broader investgation that might begin to re-create these cultural concepts… But in the light of this Vancouver morning, looking at my copyright-related email, and imagining first steps toward that investigation… it all seems as remote as one of those sci-fi novels you refer to.On another note, have you encountered anything that adequately reconciles the post-scarce commodities (like information) and the ones likely to become even more scarce (energy, food, freedom)?