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Welcome to the Massively Open Online Course Advisory Service, or MOOCAS. To be honest this took 20 minutes to build in Google Co-Op Search and it is mainly here for the LOLs.

The search box above will examine all of the major (and most of the minor) providers of MOOCs to find you the course you want (to sign up for and then drop out of like everybody else does). Uniquely, you can choose to favour the c- or x- flavours of MOOC, or look only outside of the major providers by using the tabs above the results. I’m not sure why you would want to do so, but you can.

If you want to find an actual proper course that leads to some kind of certification and may involve genuine interaction with academics and learners UCAS is the premier place to look in the UK, or you can find a range of courses on one of many rather wonderful XCRI aggregators


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