Just what is this? Some advice about MOOCs and where you can find the MOOC for you.

Are you for real? No. I am 4life!

Why are you laughing at MOOCs? They are funny.

Aren’t there any good MOOCs? No. Well, ds106 is great. But it isn’t a MOOC. Likewise the amazing Coventry stuff (phonar/picbod etc). And FSLT at Oxford Brookes says it is a MOOC, but I’m not sure it is. OLDS-MOOC might be interesting too.

And if I’m honest, the Connectivist MOOCs aren’t actually awful. But they are demanding and hard work, you need to be quite an experienced learner to get the most out of them.

Enough. You’re a start-up about MOOCs. Here take all my money! All of it!

Seriously? You know this is a send-up, right? Contact me on twitter @dkernohan.

Are you anything to do with… no. This is for my own amusement only.

Are you excited for the new EELS album in Feburary 2013. YES.

How did you build this? 10 mins on Google Co-operative Search, 10mins in wordpress. Two quid for the domain.

Can I buy the domain? Yes. For significantly more than £2. I’m looking at double figures here.

Do you feel that this is your greatest contribution to educational technology?

No. This is.





4 thoughts on “FAQs”

  1. Hi,

    I am part of the Open2Study.com team 🙂

    We really like your MOOCs custom search engine, very cool idea.

    Open2Study.com has 14 free Subjects at the moment and aiming to have 48 live by the end of this year.

    Any chance you can add http://www.open2study.com to your custom search engine? 🙂


    Project Manager

  2. That’s the most entertaining FAQ I’ve ever read. Also very good jam to finish it off – I assume that’s you on the guitar David?



    1. No, that’s me on the keys 🙂 Glad to see MOOCAS.net still getting the interest. The most entertaining MOOC aggregator available!

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