Morris’ Future Learning

Episode two of the ongoing saga of failed Viz character, Morris Snooks.

Issue 2 of MORRIS SNOOKS. Created on
Issue 2 of MORRIS SNOOKS. Created on

Any resemblance to any mooc plaform – living, dead, or in beta – is entirely coincidental.

4 thoughts on “Morris’ Future Learning”

      1. Talk about awesome!

        This comic and the bus stop one that came before have ‘radio’ written all over them. I wonder if you’d be a peach and allow me to try to render them in audio (with full attribution, obviously) on the #ds106radio at some date in the future?

        Pretty please with sugar on top.

        1. Scott, with your golden radio voice you can do anything you please with anything I write! You know that – new old radio friends such as yourself get that right.

          But to properly tackle it, you need to research Viz magazine – for which you will need to appreciate British humour (with a “u”) and be pretty broadminded about scatology and smut.

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