Excellent film. Loved it. Hope it gets very widely seen. Have you offered it to any big media? C4? Worth a shot. There are two points towards the end where the argument gets lost: IPP and big data. Both are valid points, but too brief here to be made effectively. I showed the film to a group of 15 university lecturers yesterday all of whom took the IPP argument in exactly the wrong way. And despite one expert on genetic algorithms in the room the big data argument was lost. (Admittedly, the audience at #opened13 would probably have gotten the arguments, even in such shorthand.) The narrator (Mark Styles – great choice) says “As we have seen, data…” and we have not seen. Presumably lost on the virtual cutting room floor.
My tuppence would be to cut both these arguments and use that five minutes or so to expand on the final assertion about the transformational democratising potential of open education. Give us more of the other side – “our” side – of the story, the hope and potential of an unenclosed educational commons. But you can tell me to take my tuppence and stick it. You made a great film. Thanks!