The death of the university? – a video for #cetis10


“What do we need in the wasteland?” narration (Mark Stiles)

“Sweetheart of Sigma Chi” (public domain)

“What do we need in the wasteland?” full mix (Mark Stiles/FOTA)


 Images Used
The Mortarboard of Damocles – Renoir_Girl on Flickr (cc-by-nc-sa)
End of a Building – Iwouldstay on Flickr (cc-by-nc-sa)
Miller Avenue Abandoned Library – Aaron.michels on Flickr (cc-by)
Coming Down – Fatemeh on Flickr (cc-by-nc)
Gloucester Technical College – Nickserabi on Flickr (cc-by)
Demolition of the Old Student Center Р Spike 51551 on Flickr (cc-by-nc-sa)
Arts E inside ground floor – Ephemerol on Flickr (cc-by-nc-sa)
Broken Windows – TheGiantVermin on Flickr (cc-by-sa)