Important news

(yes, obviously… check the date)

So, for those of you who haven’t heard, I’m very proud to announce that Followers of the Apocalypse is becoming the first ever affiliate (non-institutional) member of the Russell Group, the UK grouping of elite research-focused universities.

You’ll probably all agree that the Russell Group is a “natural fit” for the values and aspirations of FOTA, and I am honoured to be the first mainstream higher education blog to be recognised in this way. I’m sure others will follow.

Over the next week and at their indirect request, I’ll be using a number of posts to detail ways in which the intelligent use of learner analytics can increase institutional revenue. You’ll know that I’ve long been an advocate of the use of personal data to maximise the monetary value of every educational and social interaction, and it is great to be given the opportunity to write at length about this

However, from Monday syndication of this blog (which will be renamed the English Journal of Eschatalogical Locomotivity) will only be available via Elsevier. I’ve come to the conclusion that only the support of a major publisher can take FOTA to the next level, and Elsevier’s reasonable pricing and capable delegation to me in the matters of writing, commissioning, proof reading, typesetting and distributing the new journal have convinced me that this is the best choice. So please, do ask your library to add me to their portfolio of subscriptions, act before Wednesday for a special introductuary rate.

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