The rhetoric of “change is happening faster than ever before how will we possibly survive?” is a bit tired. I’ve been alive 50 years. There’s been a bunch of change. But, look at the 50 years from, say, 1900 to 1950. Change from horses to cars. Airplanes invented, then ramped up to commercial transport and fighter jets. Rockets invented. 2 world wars. Nuclear power. People went from having outdoor plumbing and having to gather wood and coal for heat, to electrical and gas powered cities. Telephones. Television. Movies. Etc. etc.

In my lifetime, those are all still things. They’re better, faster, cheaper, but still things. The internet is a real change. Personal computing devices are a real change. Everything else would be somewhat recognizable to someone from 50 years ago. Even the internet and pocket-computer-phones wouldn’t be completely foreign concepts to someone from 50 years ago. Sci-fi predicted all of this.