In the end management is what does it does – if it kills the thing it’s supposed to be managing (which is a phenomenon which we know too well from human management!) – it’s a cancer.
There are of course pathologies in BitCoin because there are greedy people, but for all the opportunities for greed, I don’t think anyone quite knows what they’re dealing with – they’ll take risks and they’re likely to get burnt. Will that kill it? I doubt it. BitCoin seems to have infinite lives. And automatic management.
I think we are already seeing automatic management in some forms – albeit in rather nasty corporate wrapping (so there is an elite taking the profits!). Uber is the best example: a very simple algorithm which the drivers like – basically, who is nearest the next job. In expressing their appreciation of this, the drivers report something like:
“when the taxi base allocated jobs, it wasn’t fair. Basically some people were in favour with the boss and got the jobs and others weren’t. With Uber the rule is simple – if I’m closest I get the job”
When it comes to management, people can be much dumber than machines! Uber’s management merely acts to uphold the status of Uber, just as Facebook’s management upholds the status of Facebook. And the management of the university of …

How about creating a peer-to-peer distributed-ledger oriented Uber where the profits are shared among the drivers rather than going to California? Seems feasible to me.
And revolution? well…