David, I am guilty as anyone for promoting the metaphor of “open educator as DJ” so I thought I’d chime in. In the talk I do on this, I actually very much agree with you; people seem to skip over my conclusion, which is that what is important is not that you adopt *that* specific metaphor/workflow, but that you recognize that, whether conscious of it or not, you already have one that you work under, and that the process of becoming conscious of it, and then potentially playing with it/adopting others is a critical piece of what it means to be an educator, as it forces you to look at how you conceive of your relationship to learners and to knowledge.When I did that talk, it was aimed at educators, and so could be seen as promulgating the “sage on the stage” model, but I’d suggest that increasingly DJs (and by DJs I have always meant the combination of DJ as producer/performer, not simply playing track after track but actively engaged with dismantling & editing tracks to then be remixed) are to be found in bedroom studios everywhere, remixing tracks and releasing them for themselves and others, and that it is possible to include learners in that role/metaphor too.Ultimately, I don’t think there is *one* metaphor that will apply, nor should there be, just as “open education” and OER need not mean/be just one type of thing/approach. What is critical though, and what I appreciate about your post, is to become aware, otherwise we run the risk of simply adopting it like we’ve adopted so much other educational technology and practice, to keep up with the Jones. Cheers, Scott