The evangelical approach has been grating with me – it divides the world into The Saviors and The Saved, and demonizes anyone/anything that doesn’t fit the narrative of The Saviors. That’s not how to foster a strong community where people work together to solve big problems. That’s how a community is divided, splintered, pushed into factions each desperately trying to validate their own position as being Saviours in some way that matters most to them. I don’t know. Maybe it’s middle age creeping up on me, but I just can’t see things as black and white anymore. There is no US vs. THEM – we’re all in this together, whether we like it or not. Whatever this is. It seems as though so much energy is dedicated to picking the right team, and then defending that team no matter what evidence is available – discrediting the information rather than the beliefs that it falsifies (because that would then call the correctness of The Team, who are Saviours, and then what ELSE are they wrong about, and who am I anyway? OMG! NO! LAMESTREAM MEDIA! CORPORATE EVILS! They’re LYING LIARS! Etc.)