Balance this against the investment of the Partners. FutureLearn has many universities and other warm bodies pumping out courses for this platform – each comes at a cost (investment?) for the partner. Individually, partners may have their logic as to why they are creating courses -but let’s stop and pause for second.

How many courses & how much does each one cost? It adds up to an additional £9m.

A review of the number of courses FutureLearn has to offer makes it just under 400 which have run so far (*not* including repeats).

£30k is the cited average cost of developing a Mooc (thx

This means Partners have invested circa £8,880,000 of (mostly) public money into this platform’s core offering – courses.

If you add in the re-runs and upcoming courses, you could probably double the number of courses. Re-runs cost less, but we could be heading towards a ‘match funding’ partner looking at us right in the mirror…

I just thought this was worth adding.