Who’s fault is this?

This blog, and most if not all of the associated media and awesomeness are brought about by one man, David Kernohan. In the daytime I work for Wonkhe, but FOTA has nothing at all to do with them.

How can I contact you?

Send me a message on twitter (@dkernohan) or email me (cyberoctopus [at] [large email provider based in mountain view].com). Unless you are sending me “guest post” requests, or advertising placement suggestions. Then just don’t bother contacting me.

Why “followers of the apocalypse”/”FOTA”?


(a) the metaphor of this particular grouping within the Fallout series of games, preserving and transmitting the useful forgotten knowledge of an earlier age, has a clear parallel to the work of this blog in contemporary UK HE policy, or

(b) the ridiculously over-the-top nature of the name makes me smile every time I think of it. And it looks good on a t-shirt.

What do you write about?

Higher education policy in the UK, openness and online life, politics, pedagogy and education, technology, various conferences and events I attend, and other things that capture my butterfly-like attention. With varying levels of seriousness and authority.

Basically the Amiga Power of UK higher ed.

Good Lord! Who made that awesome header image?

Rob Englebright, who is a proper real illustrator/cartoonist in between being an awesome former programme manager and standards geek par excellence. He also designed the house robots on Robot Wars!

What’s all the multimedia stuff?

Mixcloud: DJ mixes combining people talking about education and very noisy electronic music.

Soundcloud: Usually stuff that I’m currently working on.

AudioBoom: Me singing songs. Yes, really.

I’ve done a few videos too, including Universality Inc (which kind of predicted xMOOCs two years before they happened), and The Death of The University (which was a nice doomy thing about the Browne Review). If you click on the OpenEd13 link at the top you’ll see my latest effort, which is a 20+ minute documentary about Education Reform and Michael Barber.

What license do you use?

Creative Commons License
This work by http://followersoftheapocalyp.se is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Unless otherwise indicated (which generally means I’ve put something in the public domain or don’t mind about “share alike”)

Do you carry advertisements/ will you endorse a product or service? Can I do a guest post?

No. Except for:

Reclaim Hosting host this blog. They’re lovely (even Jim Groom is nice when you get to know him). Host things with them.

Will you write something for me?

Possibly. If I’m interested enough in it. But it’ll end up on here under a CC-BY-SA license just like the rest. Some people have asked if they can pay me to write things which is a whole different ball game, and the answer is generally no, but contact me if you think you might be the exception.

How do I cite or quote from this blog?

The name of this blog is “The Followers of the Apocalypse” and that is the name I would like to have content attributed to under the terms of the Creative Commons license. So, in prose, please use “The Followers of the Apocalypse say…” or similar constructions. It sounds a bit of an odd point to labour, but the idea of a serious article citing “The Followers of the Apocalypse” as some kind of authority amuses me.

Of course, nobody actually does this, not even Martin Weller.

There’s something else I wanted to ask you…

Ask me on twitter.

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