Apparently i need to mention this on twitter and not comment here, but fuck that

Perhaps the conjugation of the two is a good indicator of the problem over academicising things. We think the OER need to measure reuse was bad, but compared to the Cerebuian puppy litter that is altmetrics we’ve had it easy peasy. The glory of the gartner curve and its pareto law like adoption without question is what is the unit it is measured in? We stick things to it like tales on donkeys at childrens parties and nod along. Badges as where? OER as where? Or where is the gartner curve on the gartner curve?

Perhaps if we decoupled the insaitable need for evidence of change, we’d not be so reliant on looking for change, and so not need worry about policies or evidence to try and make more change or reassure us our personal change was the right change and get the fuck out of a huge circular argument