Western democracy is failing. It will not recover in its current form where the mass of the population has been betrayed by the political, financial and media elites. We are at a point where a large part of society is focused on there own struggle for existence. This makes easy meat for the right who focus on “things to blame” (usually other struggling people). The left (I refuse to use the term “progressive” – at best a euphemism, at worst a milksop term) fails to effectively engage the strugglers because it insists on focusing on “big things” – “big things”, for example climate change, really do matter of course but to people struggling to find work, afford somewhere to live, get health treatment etc they are not the things that mobilise people. The one “big thing” to focus on is financial inequality – the manifestation of why our societies are failing – this gives the left both “things to blame” and (better) things to actually propose as solutions. I’m reminded of an old female US anarchist who said something along the lines of “never fool yourself that the rich will allow you to vote away their wealth” – that is where we are getting to I’m afraid.