We are on the same page. The leftist parties need to get much more agile and much better at working together at all levels (our electoral system doesn’t help here). My worry is that there is less and less room for local victories, and if we wait for them to build a movement we may wait a long time. Where I live, the tendency is to the hyperlocal: get out of the money economy by growing your own food or investing in a community wind turbine, or buying shares in a community building project. For well-resourced communities these solutions can work, and they support our better instincts in a society of consumption and competition. But these are not solutions for the desperate and the left behind, and they are being held up by the current government as a reason for dismantling the ‘public’ services that genuinely redistribute opportunity.
Our solutions have to be new ones: bringing back all the manufacturing jobs that have been outsourced is not a realistic goal. The workplace will never be the same again. Class will never be the same again. Things that unite the underprivileged, such as the welfare state, are being dismantled. If there is a group of people that can organise for genuine change it is probably young people (it was the old that voted for Brexit and Trump). Solutions that have come from the young in recent years: we are the 99 per cent; occupy; yes we can (podemos); another world is possible… Is there hope here?