Hmmm, I am late, I see “6 thoughts on “Towards a Paleoconnectivism Reader #opened14” yet all of them are… automated.


Damn I learn a lot here. Always Be….

Super appreciation for the whole story on Cyclops, which is paleo yet not so paleo since the people behind it are around. I looked on the app store and could not find it.

There are many nuggets here, but a small one that jumped out was your insight on “the sheer pace of change” — it’s a trope so apparently obvious and repeated (my raising my hand).

But there has always been more information and resources in the world that a human could comprehend. That’s how we got things like libraries and schools and cyclops and, etc. But it’s always been beyond our human capacity, so we develop both tools and networks and communication patterns to try and deal with it- yet IMHO it shall always be beyond our grasp.

And that’s what makes it interesting to me. That there’s a lot of room to know what we don’t know.

Now write that new book, eh?