Rule 107

I didn’t do it on purpose, but I think I may have invented an internet rule. I credit Frances Bell as co-creator and evangelist.



I chose “107” as the number in deference to the events of the ds106 summer of oblivion, where the students rose up as one against Jim Groom and started their own course: ds107. And this was all part of the ongoing course narrative – or was it? Can you plan a backchannel?

But anyway, whatever you are doing online – there is a backchannel and if you don’t know about it you are not a part of it.

P.S: The probably not-safe-for-work cites Rule 107 as “That’s what she said” jokes are stupid. No Exceptions”.  Which is also fair. 

P.P.S: Heheheheh – “backchannel”. That’s what she said…

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