Selected work

Aside from writing this blog, I’ve written and presented other things that might interest you. This page represents a personal “best of” list.

I also made a book out of my blog for your reading pleasure.

Selected writing


In the summer of 2017 I started working as Associate Editor at Wonkhe – my author profile – including links to the vast amount of stuff I’ve been writing – is here.


Kernohan D and Naughton L (2016) “Making sense of journal research data policies”, UKSG Insights, 29(1), pp.84–89. Available:


Kernohan D (2015) “CETLs and the ghosts of teaching excellence past”, Available:

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Kernohan D (2013). “We’re under fifteen feet of pure white snow”. Available: 

Kernohan D (2013). “The year MOOCs got real”. Jisc. Available:


At the 2012 CETIS conference I sung a song with Nicole Harris of TERENA about social media strategy. I can’t find any evidence of this, but it was great.

Kernohan D and Thomas A (2012). “OER – a historical perspective”. Academic Paper delivered at ALTC2012 and OpenEd2012. Available:

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Kernohan D (2010) “Universality, Inc”. Video ALTC2010. Available:


Attwood R (2009). “Get it out in the open.” (as contributor and quote source) Article. Times Higher Education. Available:

Keynote Liveblogging

I’ve gotten into the habit of liveblogging keynotes rather than heckling them on twitter. Here’s some examples from recent OpenEd conferences.

Michael Feldstein and Phil Hill, David Porter and Mary Burgess

John Willbanks, Heather Joseph, Larry Lessig

Conference presentations, invited speaker and keynote speaker

Kernohan D (2015) “Keep the fire” OpenEd15, Vancouver, November 18-20 2015.

Kernohan D (2015) “I watch the ripples change their size but never leave the stream” Association for Learning Technology Conference, Manchester September 8-10th 2015.

Groom J, Kernohan D, Lamb B (2014) “Toward a Paleoconnectivism Reader”. Open Education Conference 2014, Washington DC November 17-19th 2014. Available: and

Kernohan D (2014). “You’ll never hear surf music again.” Association for Learning Technology Conference, Warwick Sept 1-3 2014. Available:

Kernohan D (2014). Invited Speaker. The Digital University: MOOCs and the Humanities. Edge Hill, May 15th 2014.

Kernohan D (2014). Invited Speaker. EFMD Conference for Deans and Directors General. Gothenburg, Jan 30-31 2014.

Kernohan D (2013). Keynote Speaker. Open Education Conference 2013. Park City, Utah, November 6-8 2013. Available:  [also: ]

Kernohan D (2013). “Education is broken, somebody should do something.” Association for Learning Technology Conference, Nottingham Sept 10-12 2013. Available:

Kernohan D and Mcneill S (2012). “What lies beneath? Diving in to the pre-history of OER” – Open Education Conference 2012. Vancouver, Canada, October 16-18 2012. Available:  and

Kernohan, D and Thomas, A (2012) “Openness: learning from our history”, ALTC2012 [abstract/slides]

Kernohan, D (2011) “OER Hero: The birth, maintenance, exploitation and death of a pre-OER learning community”, OER11 conference [abstract/slides] [post1, post2]

Kernohan, D, MacNeill, S, Williamson, H and Yuan, L (2010). OER futures and Universality, Inc. Association for Learning Technology Conference, University of Nottingham, September 7-9 2010. Available:

Memberships and roles

I was a member of Knowledge Exchange Research Data Expert Group

Before working for, I was a member of their Editorial Board.

Member of the Association of Learning Technologists, and the ALT Open Education Special Interest Group

I have been involved in the management of several of the OERxx series of conferences (including as co-chair of OER18), and have reviewed proposals for that conference, ALT-C, Educause and others.

I have reviewed book proposals and articles for Routledge, OpenLibHums, JIME and others.

I’ve met Audrey Watters on several occasions. Also David Wiley. I once stood in the same room as Larry Lessig.

Bernie Worrell (RIP) from Parliament/Funkadelic once called me on the phone but I was unable to answer due to being on the other line to a former girlfriend.


Before Wonkhe I used to work for Jisc (formerly JISC) where I contributed to and led a large number of projects and programmes, perhaps most memorably the three year “UKOER” cavalcade of stuff. I’ve also worked at Jisc on issues around research data management, specifically journal and funder policies and research data usage metrics. I’ve developed a more general expertise in online learning, social media, and education policy.

Prior to this I worked at HEFCE as a policy officer in learning and teaching, contributing to TQEF and CETLs activity (four letter acronyms were huge in mid 00s HE policy) alongside work on teaching standards and technology enhanced learning.

In a stunning show of prevarication I do not yet hold a higher level degree, though I am proud to hold a BA in English and Performing Arts from De Montfort University, Leicester.

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